Fratelli Traversari - Artistic Mosaic Production

Fratelli Traversari - Artistic Mosaic Production

Our factory is specialized in artistic mosaic production and costume jewellery featuring micromosaic from the late nineteenth century, proudly continuing a rich artisanal family tradition.

Over time, our commitment to quality has led us to enhance both the materials and techniques used in crafting our mosaics, achieving an elevate standard. Our mosaics are completely handmade and produced with three different techniques. The glass cut enamel mosaic tehnique directly derives from the Byzantine era.

The micromosaic, or minute mosaic, originated in Rome at the end of the XVIII century when the mosaicist Giacomo Raffaelli (1753 -1836) invented a flinty mixture. This mixture was spun into wands, and from these wands he obtained tiny pieces that, in 1775, he ingeniously used to craft the intricate micromosaics that have since become a hallmark of this unique art form.

The Mosaic Commesso Fiorentino in hard stones has graced Florence from the Romanesque period through part of the Renaissance, experiencing a new impulse in the second half of the 16th century with the Medici family.

The term “commesso” derives from the Latin word “committere” that means to unite, to connect. In fact with this technique, starting from a base sketch, artisans create mosaics from carefully selected natural hard stones (chalcedony, lapis lazuli, malachite, etc.) that are selected considering the color and tones needed for the subject, than meticulously cut by hand using a bow in wood with an iron thread and abrasive dust, then glued together and polished. 

Our firm is one of the few left in Florence upholdig this handcraft traditio, typical of our city. Above all, we continue to exclusively use first-quality materials crafted by hand with expertise and skill.

The visit to our laboratory lasts between 1-2 hours. 

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